Publisher’s Message

Bee Boppin’ Around…

The month of November is historically the month to be thankful for all the wonderful people in our lives, our blessing each day and the good things we all share. So, I’ll get right to it…

I’m forever grateful to those friends that have touched my life and the lives of my family. Knowing each and every one of these individuals made me the person I am today.

I’m very thankful for the caregivers that take care of my parents every day: Josie and Sophia from Caring Hands, Liz from Visiting Angels, and Dora and Elena our night crew! Thank you to Live Oak Adult Care Services, especially Cheryl, Gloria and all the lovely ladies and volunteers who take care of my wisecracking father, the self-described expert cookie stacker.

A huge “THANK YOU for your service” goes out to each and every veteran, including my dad and husband, for serving their country. We’ve included an article on page 47 about an amazing program for veterans, Honor Flight, that flies veterans to Washington DC to visit the War Memorial. My hope is that one of our readers knows a veteran that would like to go. If so, please let me know the outcome!

And then there are my associates and employees, starting in the office with Bob, our amazingly talented, hardworking, graphic designer; Jenell, my diligent ubber organized office assistant and Kersty, our “On Mic/Calendar” girl extraordinaire. I am grateful for our kick-butt all-female sales staff: Sunday, Corey, and Susan; our distribution team; Tamera, Ken, Corey, Susan and Jim; my editorial crew: Paul and Beth, and all the talented writers and photographers that contribute to our fun, informative and entertaining magazine. And I am especially thankful to my friend, mentor, and sister-by-choice, Sylvia “THE EDITOR” Myrvold, who should be in a super hero costume; tie-dyed cape and a purple bejeweled mask with peace sign earrings, a fairy wand in one hand and a whip in the other!

They say, “It takes a Village” to get through life, well, thank you all for being my village.

~ Bobbi Jo Palmer
A proud member of the Gilroy Rotary