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    WhoDoYouLoveHearts(02-16)February is “Who Do You Love” month at Out & About. We’ve updated the ballot to reflect our advertisers, the people who support the magazine, so that it can continue to be your FREE premiere resource guide to entertainment in Out & About Country. We continue this program so that our readers can show their appreciation and support to the businesses they love.

    We reviewed the ballot results and removed categories that had fewer than 10 votes last year. In the past, we’ve had to hunt down the recipients of awards, which sometimes meant they didn’t get them right away. We want you to be able to display it proudly as soon as possible so, if you are a “Who Do You Love” winner, please contact our office to give us information regarding where to mail you your award.

    You may vote manually by tearing out your … READ MORE



    Valentine’s Day is a season of romance and love is in the air. But for wedding planner Jenny Swigart, owner/operator of Jennilynn’s Events in Gilroy, love is a year-round affair.

    Born and raised in San Diego, Swigart originally majored in chemistry. She soon realized that her true love was cooking, so she set her sights for culinary school. Instead of staying close to home, Swigart chose the California Culinary Academy in San Jose, after meeting her future husband, Nate Swigart.

    “I just knew from the day I met my husband, I knew we were going to get married, and I knew I wanted a family,” she says, crediting her certainty to growing up in a close knit family.

    After graduation, she got a job at a popular coffee chain in a managerial role and remained there for several years. In 2007, Jenny and Nate married. Two years later … READ MORE


    FebA wedding day doesn’t require looking like a pageant queen or a supermodel; unless you’re already one. You simply want to look like the best version of yourself. If you’re a gal who doesn’t wear a lot of makeup, the last thing you want is a face caked with makeup or hair wound in a tight up-do. Always be yourself, stick with styles that flatter and never hide your natural beauty.

    Like all weddings, though, planning is everything. It’s important to establish a routine to give your skin and hair time to acclimate before the big day. Here are five tips to make sure you look your absolute best!

    Professional facials every 4-6 weeks bring the skin to optimal health. Breakouts decrease, skin texture is smoother, hydration levels improve and your concealer and powder/foundation will blend better. Along with facials, your skin care professional may suggest … READ MORE


    Marianne and David Peoples have figured out the keys to a long, happy marriage.

    Marianne and David Peoples have figured out the keys to a long, happy marriage.

    Local business owners and longtime Gilroy residents David and Marianne Peoples celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary last December with a trip to New Orleans.

    In today’s world of divorce, a marriage lasting five decades and beyond is quite an accomplishment. But if you ask the Peoples what their secret to a successful marriage is, you’ll find out that it really comes down to the basics.

    “We have to work at it every single day, “ Marianne says. “When it’s important enough to you, you have to work at it, like it’s a job.”

    “It’s a partnership,” David adds.

    Looking back at their early courtship, it’s obvious that these two were destined to be lifetime partners.

    When Marianne’s school burnt down during her seventh grade year, she transferred to Brownell where she met fellow student … READ MORE