Publisher’s Message

Bee Boppin’ Around…

Bobbi Jo PalmerHappy Spring! Like mother nature, marking the season with new growth, new life and new beginnings, Out & About Magazine is doing the same. These past few months we have gotten a number of messages from people up in the Campbell area, asking if they could get our magazine delivered there. We looked into the pros and cons and decided it would be a good fit. As it turns out, they are a perfect fit. They have a charming downtown, friendly people and they also host festivals with great food, good music and loads of fun. So, we are very happy to announce that, starting this month, we will be adding the city of Campbell to our Out & About Country. Not only will this bring more options for readers to travel north to enjoy what they have to offer, it will help advertisers reach a new demographic for their wares and services, still just a short drive from home.

Years ago, I worked in Campbell with American Medical Response; the downtown has grown so much since then, it’s astonishing. We are collaborating with Campbell Chamber of Commerce as members and major sponsors of their Boogie on the Avenue in May and Oktoberfest in October. We hear over and over again that our magazine offers something other magazines don’t; content with a local voice, written by residents, about local businesses, events and destinations, all within a one hour drive of your home. We have truly become the must-have monthly resource guide to fun and entertainment.

Once again, we are proud and honored to partner with Morgan Hill Mushroom Mardi Gras and Sunday Minnich by including their festival program as a pull-out in our May issue. Don’t miss this opportunity to read about the festival before attending and plan your visit to catch one of the bands or a cooking demonstration. After thirty seven years running, this year promises to be the best festival ever! I?hope to see you out there as Out & About Magazine is always out working the event or staffing a booth. Please stop by and say hello.

Another greatly anticipated change is that we are working to expand the magazine services to offer new businesses and existing businesses a package deal where they will have access to print, online and social networking for their marketing needs. This One-Stop-Shop of services has been a much needed option for small businesses that have a limited advertising/marketing budget. We’ve been listening and we are now in the position to offer this to our advertisers. Check out our website: or contact your advertising representative to see what the future can hold! We can honestly say that your exposure with Out & About Magazine will reach over seventy-five thousand readers each month in print and online.

If this last Who Do You Love? online voting is any indication to how many people connect with our magazine through our website and survey site, not to mention the huge stack of ballots we received in the mail, we are growing at a pretty good pace. Unlike the nay-sayers, print media is not going away any time soon. Our readership is so varied in age and demographics, we could never be just an online presence and reach all of our readers. We regularly have the problem of running out of magazines and restocking locations because of the demand.

Follow me on Twitter and Instagram so you don’t miss out on the fun! Be safe out there in Out & About Country and don’t forget the sunscreen or cover up, and wear a hat for heaven’s sake!

~ Bobbi Jo Palmer
A proud member of the Gilroy Rotary