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Bee Boppin’ Around…

If you’re looking for new and creative ways to show your love around Valentine’s Day you might consider buying Santa Clara Valley Winegrowers Spring Passport event tickets; theater tickets to one of our local theaters or golf day passes at any of our golf courses. The newly branded Salinas Golf & Country Club, with a theme of elegant country charm and a low profile ranch-style clubhouse, offers a Member-for-A-Day to Crazy Horse Ranch. Check out their ad on 31.

It’s Who Do You Love month and the voting continues through March 1. Ballots are in this issue on pages 19 and 20 as well as in our digital edition at You can vote online or scan and email ballots to with DYL2015 in the subject line. To use the printed ballots in the magazine simply pull out the pages, complete the ballot and mail to: Out & About Magazine, WDYL2015, PO Box 1568, Gilroy, CA 95021. One ballot per reader, please.

We will publish the results in our April issue and those winners have an opportunity to receive an Out & About Who Do You Love certificate by contacting our office at 408-842-7071 or by emailing We’ve adjusted our categories after analyzing our advertiser demographics and voting popularity in the past year.

Thanks go out to our faithful staff, writers, advertisers, readers, vendors, friends and families for supporting this one thing we have in common, our pride and joy; Out & About Magazine. Still a bright star in spite of the computer, web surfing and app connecting world. You can pull this local favorite out of your purse, backpack, back pocket, suit jacket, overcoat, gym bag, briefcase, grocery bag, what have you and always have something interesting and informative to read! This month we bring you info on creating a green wedding, real estate and some fun facts about the Chinese lunisolar calendar. I was born in the year of the Tigerrrrrrr! Happy February and gung hay fat choy (wishing you great happiness and prosperity)!

~ Bobbi Jo Palmer
A proud member of the Gilroy Rotary