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  • coverWe’ve all been on the receiving end of a gift that seemed better suited for the giver. It could be the husband who buys a new TV so we can watch the game. Or it could be the girlfriend who gets a couples vacation to a B&B, knowing it’s the same weekend as the game. Sigh. This holiday season it’s time to stop worrying just about ourselves and consider not only what others want but, as well as what can do to benefit others. These gifts should make the ones you love happier and healthier while also supporting local ag and businesses that pay it forward. A few of them even accomplish all of the above. Have a happy holiday!

    Bee Better
    The Honey Project

    Most supermarket honey has been cooked and filtered into taste compromised syrup. The Honey Project—an entirely word-of-mouth enterprise run by veteran beekeeper Carmen Morey—sells it … READ MORE