Spoking My Mind

Make a Resolution for the Road

By Curt “Cycle Guy” Hentschke

The Cycle Guy has firsthand experience losing weight by putting one pedal in front of the other.

Happy New Gear!

It’s a brand new year, right? You’re making resolutions. You want to lose weight, get in shape, get out, experience new things and meet new people. You want more adventure in your life.

My answer: Get a bicycle.

OK, my work here is done.

No, seriously. Get a bicycle and all of your New Year’s resolutions will take care of themselves.

Get a bicycle and you get in shape.

As you may remember from my column last January, a bicycle helped me lose 100 pounds back in 1998. Make this low-impact, heart-pumpin’ workout the center of your exercise regime.

Get a bicycle and become one with nature. Sights, smells and sounds are never more satisfying than from the seat of a bicycle. Too cold? Add a layer. Too hot? Doff one!
Get a bicycle and you’ll meet wonderful new friends. Once riding, you can’t help but run into fantastic folks who share your pedaling passion. On the roads and trails, in the bike shops, exploring the many bicycle clubs in the land of Out & About. Start with the Almaden Cycle Touring Club (actc.org) and you’ll connect with thousands of people to join rides where participants share abilities similar to your own.

Get a bicycle and adventures will find you. Make Helen Keller’s quote your mantra: Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all!

Your short rides will soon grow into longer journeys. You’ll start signing up for events like those listed in our Save the Dates feature. You’ll enjoy cycling adventures with your kids and grandkids. You’ll finally sign up for those spectacular cycling excursions you’ve always admired on your travels. You’ll find that the car will be spending more time in the garage as you take care of more errands (and possibly commuting) by bike.

Email me success stories; I’m pulling for you! Have a wonderful new year.

Save the Dates
Road and Mountain

2/18 Almond Blossom Century Ripon. musicfirstusa.info
2/25 Pedaling Paths to Independence Linden. communitycenterfortheblind.org
3/4 King’s River Blossom Ride Reedley. blossombikeride.com
3/11 El Granada 200k santacruzrandonneurs.org
3/11 Solvang Century bikescor.com
4/1 Tierra Bella Gilroy. tierrabella.org
4/1 Party Pardee Ione. bikehikers.com
4/8 Cinderella Classic Pleasanton valleyspokesmen.org
4/8 Wildflower Century Creston. slobc.org
4/23 Primavera Century Fremont. ffbc.org

1/6-7 BE-Pro Conference San Jose. BE-ProConference.com
4/20-23 Sea Otter Classic Monterey. seaotterclassic.com
5/11-20 Amgen Tour of California amgentourofcalifornia.com

Out & About makes every effort to supply the correct information but we still recommend you check for last minute changes on dates before attending.

Curt Hentschke has pedaled over 54,000 miles of Out & About roads and trails. Send your cycle celebrations and cerebration to heycycleguy@gmail.com. Ride at your own risk and always within your capabilities. And always wear helmets and sunscreen!