Crossroads – San Juan Bautista

‘Early Days’ and Old School Rides


Frisco's Fotos, SJB Slick rides line the streets at the Los Padrinos Classic Car group’s June 25 event.

Frisco’s Fotos, SJB
Slick rides line the streets at the Los Padrinos Classic Car group’s June 25 event.

The aroma of sweet glazed dough, Bavarian crème and chocolate will greet visitors to San Juan Bautista this month, as the San Juan Bakery celebrates “National Doughnut Day” on Sunday, June 5. Located at 319 Third St., the bakery will serve up special deals until the last krugle is served or it’s 5 pm—whichever comes first!

Father’s Day weekend is always special in San Juan Bautista, and this year is no exception. On June 18 and 19, the San Juan Bautista State Historic Park hosts its annual two-day “Early Days” event from 11am to 4 pm. All the old buildings in the state park come alive, with costumed storytelling and on-site demonstrations. Guests will see blacksmithing techniques at the forge and learn things like tortilla making, corn husk doll fabrication and musket identification. Join the señoritas, cowboys, mountain men and wagoneers as they traverse the tent-studded lawns and greet visitors inside authentically outfitted buildings, taking everyone back to California in the late 1800s.

If you get thirsty, head for the Plaza Hotel Bar to enjoy a soft drink, where old timey gamblers are sometimes seen stacking the deck during poker games. Daily admission is $3 and children under 17 are free. For more information, go to call 831.623.4881.

Old Mission San Juan Bautista will also hold a special event Sunday, June 19, as they observe the Feast Day of San Juan Bautista, the namesake for both our 1797 era California Mission and our city. After the morning’s 10 o’clock mass, everyone is invited to join a lively gathering of musicians, parishioners and celebrants as they follow our parish priest in the time-honored tradition of blessing our community and heralding our Patron Saint’s Day with a procession through the town streets. From 11am to 4pm, there will be food, music and additional activities in our downtown area. Old Mission’s museum and gardens will also be open for tours for $4 or less; group tours can be booked by calling 831.623.4528.

On Saturday, June 25, we switch gears to welcome Los Padrinos Classic Car group to our historic downtown setting. From 9am to 4pm, a huge array of custom rods, classic chassis and flamed, chopped and lowered rides will delight gearheads of all ages. Catch some lively tunes as you stroll through a corridor of rubber and steel, and meet these fine folks who hold this fundraising event each June. For more information about the event or to participate with a vehicle, please call 408.413.8373.

For details about happenings in San Juan Bautista prior to any visit, please visit