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5 Spa Treatments for Home

Jacqueline Smith

Give yourself a day at home to be pampered—you deserve it!

Give yourself a day at home to be pampered—you deserve it!

Having a spa day at home can be just as lovely and relaxing as a day spent at a fancy spa. And with summer nearing an end, school starting up and the holidays peeking around the corner, what better time to pamper yourself? Pick a day with few interruptions, turn off the cell, light a few candles and put on some quiet music to set the scene. Here’s a few great treatments to give yourself the day you deserve.

1. Epsom Salt Detox Bath
A good, hot bath can do wonders for the soul and a detox bath is one of the easiest therapies to enhance our body’s natural detoxification process. Epsom salts, or magnesium sulfate, not only draws out toxins, but can also reduce muscle soreness, improve sleep, prevent artery hardening and blood clots, and ease migraines. To do: Fill a bathtub with hot water (as hot as you can stand), add 5-10 drops lavender essential oil (for relaxation) and two cups of Epsom salts. If your water is unfiltered, add one cup baking soda to neutralize chlorine and increase mineral absorption. Soak up to your neck for at least 20 minutes. Do not use harsh shampoos or soaps, as your pores will be open, but you may apply an all natural moisturizer, like Shea butter. Be sure to rinse with cool water after your bath and wait at least 30 minutes to eat. Be sure to drink plenty of filtered water to allow for further detoxification.

2. Hair/Skin Masks
Since you’ve got at least 20 minutes in the tub, now is the perfect time to give your skin and hair a little TLC. Do-it-yourself treatments are great because they are free of harsh chemicals. As a bonus, they’re also inexpensive and can be fun way to experiment! A lot of really great hair and skin masks use an array of ingredients, such as egg whites, olive oil, pumpkin purée, avocado or honey. Pinterest is a great place to look up unique recipes. Make sure to mix your masks ahead of time, apply, then wrap your hair in a towel or shower cap and let it all soak in.

3. Sugar Scrubs
After you have done your detox and it’s time to rinse off those masks, now is a great time to do a quick and gentle sugar scrub. A quick DIY scrub can be made with just sugar and coconut oil, but there are many other fun ones to try. Some sugar scrubs use peppermint oil, oatmeal, honey and even coffee. As with your hair and skin masques, make sure you mix them ahead of time. Keep the water on the cool side and gently massage into the skin, then rinse. Pat dry and and apply Shea butter.

4. Manicure/Pedicure
Mani/Pedis are easy to do on your own. What’s great, too, is that after all that soaking and exfoliating your nails will be right where you need them to be. Get that old nail polish off, and trim your nails to just a bit longer than your preferred length. Then file them into the shape you would like. Apply a cuticle oil and push your cuticles back. Apply a little moisturizer and get ready to put on polish. Your hands and feet will be looking great at a fraction of the cost. Don’t forget to do your pedicure before your manicure!

5. Massage
Despite the many health benefits of massage, we can’t all book regular appointments at the spa. But there’s a basic (and cheap!) tool known to many runners and other athletes that might just be the next best thing. If you haven’t already, it’s time to get familiar with a foam roller. “Foam rolling” is a form of self massage that helps release muscle tightness and trigger points. By slowly rolling over various points on your body, you’ll help to break up adhesions, scar tissue and loosen common areas of tightness like the outer thighs, quadriceps and upper back. Foam rollers are relatively inexpensive and can be used on a daily basis for up to 20 minutes on each area of focus. And while it may not beat those 90 minute massages at the spa, you will feel a difference and your body will thank you.

Jacqueline Smith is a licensed esthetician with more than a decade of experience working in skin care. She can be seen by appointment.

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