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Transportation management systems โปรแกรมขนส่ง are important programs that require business operations to be relevant and timely. A TMS program enables operations, tracking, data exchange, documentation, inventory, manufacturing, purchasing, etc. The transport program provides students with a First Class Transport and Logistics industry qualification. The Transport and Logistics industry is constantly evolving. We constantly keep the program up to date to reflect these changes, constantly reviewing content to ensure relevant and up-to-date.


Understanding Business Needs

The key to a successful transportation program is understanding the needs of the business. There is a temptation for department managers to look at transportation as a way to cut costs. Like many managers, they probably believe that the best way to reduce spending is to stop giving the people doing the work what they want. But โปรแกรมขนส่ง is not an expenses account. It affects the whole business.

If, for example, you have to ship something farther than the local post office can deliver, it takes more time and money to get the product to the right place. That extra time costs money. Delays mean higher costs. If you ship something on a truck, it has to go up a ramp. If it is heavy, the ramp will cost more than the trailer itself. And the ramp has to be big enough to hold the truck, the truck has to fit the ramp, and the ramp has to be strong enough.

Every step of the process costs money. โปรแกรมขนส่ง  costs don’t show up as expenses in the profit and loss statement. But they do affect the bottom line.

If the company ships more products, it will generate higher revenue. But if it costs more to get that product to the customer, the revenue may not be enough to cover the extra costs. The transportation program should serve the needs of the business, but the needs of the business are not the same as the department managers’ needs. If, for example, the company needs something delivered overnight, it needs to use overnight delivery. The transportation manager can’t tell the department managers to stop overnight delivery; only the business can do that.

But it is possible to make the business more dependent on the transportation department. If the department manager creates good relationships with the people who deliver the product, the department can help shape the needs of the business, rather than the other way around. If the company wants to reach more customers, it can require its suppliers to use it.

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